speech delivered on 2018-07-10
At Tsinghua University for the 2018 English Summer Camp

Bitter Life in Middle School but Sweet One In Colleage?

Dear Madam,and all my classmates,

On 21st of June,Chen Baosheng,Minister of Education of PRC,expressed his strong objection towards a phenomemon in China he described as 'suffering bitter life in middle school while enjoying sweet one in colleage',aiming to ease the burden of adolescents and at the same time,reasonably add to university students' work.

The main medium and most of parents,adolescents and Internet-surfers agreed on Mr. Chen's proposal,even regarding it as a turning point for China's Education System Revolution. But Is that true? A university in China is as particular as a vegetarian,picking up merely those who satisfy their self-made standards,confliting with each other for the well-bahaved and intelligent,while on the other hand,is as loose as an oversized belt,ensuring everyone who is able to come in is able to come out.

I take it as truth that too many univesities nowadays run like this,and students throw themselves into the sea of junk,video-games,romantic relationship .etc,only to be drowned by themselves. A vast of graduates cannot professionalize themselves to be called a qualified graduate,let alone an expert.They waste their precious four years in a strange city they don't recognize even when they leave,living with people they haven't spoken to,and learn the knowledge that have never come through their brain.

Personally,I don't like Mr.Chen's proposal just because I evaluate my life as busy enough.But a more strict regulation or legislation is definitely needed for the sake of the country and those young men. While it will be applied to all institutions and universities,hope the running pattern for them should be loose to let in,particular to let out.